Top 10 ways to earn money online-make ( $500 PM ) [without investment]

how to earn money online without investment

how to earn money online in india

how to earn money online in india

earn money online:Do you want to make money at home? Do you want to convert your free time into a monetary system? So you are in the right place.
On this page you will find the best methods for money earning online .
Making money from home is the dream job of anyone who wants to be their own boss. If you have decided and are serious to make money online.
Then your interest can generate thousands of dollars every month if you know very well to earn money online.
If you search online, you will have enough options (or) ways to do it. Some people have been making a lot of money online for a long time. But there are many scammers on internet who will loose your interest and demotivate you. So be careful and escape these programs.
When a company or person asks you to make a first investment to become a member of this company. And they say you only qualify for your program to make money online. Here in this article you will get simple methods or easy to use steps and everything works. If you have basic skills, you can earn decent money online.
As long as you keep in mind and do not look for online money earning  fast, you will be successful in the long run.

Ways to earn money online?

In this article i will discuss about the money making ways to earn money online in india without any investment 

#1. earn money through commission junction:

Commission Junction is an affiliate program, which is about certainly the most excellent account designed for your endeavors by means of the slightest need on your instance.

This is solitary of the topmost 10 Greatest Affiliate Program, which is recognizable together with money making procedure.

This appeal in the direction of online business visionaries in view of the fact that we supervise the business and not comprise it runs us.

The fascination of this representation is with the intention of it is almost risk-free apart from for your time.

It expenses you not anything headed for sign up as an affiliate.

Propose the product and send out your visitors to the site where the product is sold in addition to if the purchaser buys the item, you will acquire  a commission. .

Today I am talking about individual of the leading affiliate programs is Commission Junction, how to obtain approval from the sponsor and a small number of other guidelines to make money.

#2.make money with dropshipping:

What is dropshipping and how will earn money online through dropshipping?

Drop shipping:Offering your second-hand stuff on eBay is one point, but by means of drop shippers to put on the market brand new stuff can get your business to a full contemporary point.

Drop shipping includes a shipper utilizing one more company on the way to fulfill and send the order.

Many new things, as well as gadgets, children’s toys, fitness and beauty products, are sold through the drop shipper.

There are a number of providers that provide well-built drop shipping services with right of access to hundreds of wholesalers, as well as specialized companies.

It’s also likely to use the values of drop shipping at what time buying from online retailers.

The big drop-shippers include a membership contract and a fee, even if the niche products contain an application that you need to submit.


  • Find the best product for selling and sell it online.
  • If a sale generates through your site and purchase purchases online through your site.
  • Drop shipping company remit is to deliver the product at the purchaser address on your behalf.

This is one of the finest way to make money online.

#3.How to Make Money from proofreading:

What is the role of proofreaders to earn money online free?

Online proofreaders facilitate site owners to detect mistakes sooner than posting their web pages.

Proofreader correct the errors in content and avoiding them as of distancing potential guests on the way to their sites.

The ever-increasing number of websites gives openings meant for freelance proofreaders to obtain paid to put right spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

The condition you partake of excellent writing skills, an excellent command of language and a gaze at for notify,

You can create additional earnings in the same way as an online proofreader.

At this point, there are certain things you must be familiar with to turn out to be an online proofreader.

This is also the best online way for online earning money from home.

 #4. earn money by becoming a website usability tester:

What is website usability tester and how he can earns money?

Such as a site analyzer, you will generally offer oral response on a site as you operate it.

You can get a reward on behalf of your opinions!

You analyze the off-the-shelf website and give your righteous judgment concerning their designs as well as ease-of-use in the same way as a site tester.

However site testing gigs compensate approximately $10 for each testing.

Bottom line-:

A tester might merely find a small number of openings to test every week on the other side every month,

Means find the site testing jobs is little bit hard ,so site testing is not available to earn a lot.

But how much you will earn is sufficient to survive.

The pleasing element is you can earn money online as a site tester by testing the sites from your home.

 #5.earn money by graphic designing:

Not solely any person can make money in the same way as a graphic designer.

Even as it is achievable for imaginative persons to ace their ability by undertaking their own designs.

it does withstand with  both talent and promotion to earn a livelihood designing.

If you’re honest regarding growing your skills consequently, you are further liable to a more prominent showcase.

You can formulate income by selling your designs or creative projects online.

List of websites those will pay for your designs?


Creative Market






Sell your designs and make big profit.It is the another best way to earn money online.

#6.making money by flipping websites

What is flipping business?

Website flipping is the most profitable way to earn money online, and many opt this method to make big money.
Buying and selling markets are fascinating by giving the high cost of purchasing. It is quite tricky to start for a growing organizer. If you make a mistake, you may lose a lot of money. Thus, before financing, you need to be sure of your abilities and capabilities.
Online business is an evolving industry. The entire online industry is establishing workable marketing practices. Most of the people who are doing business online having low grade websites. But in some cases,sites having traffic, despite of fact that they don’t know how to monetize them.
how can earn money online through flipping websites?
 Making profits as a buyer?
You can earn profits when you buy a successful site online for online earning money. It can be only achievable by purchasing it online from online seller. Because an owner of the site is willing to switch to another category.
  Making profits as a seller?
The basic idea of ​​website flipping is to create a good website and sell it with huge profits. You can make a profit in website flipping business,if you are a professional in buying and selling sites.
Important factors to buy a website?
  • Website domain name must be appealing?
  • Selling site should be having unique and quality content?
  • Site should be having potential traffic?
  • Check the earning report of the website?
List of best websites for  flipping sites?







#7. earn money by selling ebook

What are ebooks?

E-books are like books. But these books can read and even download online. Several ways to create an e-books are
  • writing an e-book by yourself
  • Hiring a content writer.
  • Using other sources to compile words and ideas into text format.
E-booklets can cover any topic and subject and can be easier to spread. By distributing it to the public via Internet mode.This is another useful way to know how to make money online in india.

How you can make money by selling e-books online?

Selling eBooks is an excellent way of online income, and It would be interesting to write what you want. Paper book and newspaper world has disappeared; Everything has changed to digital.
Indeed, reading something on eBook is better than learning in paperback form. I hope that books in the format of paperback will not exist in the coming years.
 Guidance to Make Money Selling e-Writer?
  • Choose the topic related to your niche?
  • Picking the suitable Title of your e-book?
  • You should have clear focus what to write?
  • The appealing & attractive design of your e-book cover?
  • Write a comprehensive summary of your e-Book?
  • Split eBook into reports before selling e-Book?

Bottom line :

The simplest way to sell e-books through word famous e-commerce site Amazon.
The advantage of selling e-books on Amazon as most e-book readers tend to buy only on the Amazon Kindle store. On every single sale of the e-book, they will charge you a commission.
If you work on the above-said factors before publishing. These factors will enable to boost selling the number of your e-books copies online.
Selling e-books is the most creative way to earn money online by exploring your writing skills and exhibiting of your creative ming thoughts.

#8.How to Make Money Tutoring Online:

Online tutoring jobs a great way to online money earning, if you want a part-time job. 
The main advantage of this type of online job,you do not need a certain degree.
Students, retirees, teachers and other professionals can also advantage of earning money online.

#9.Create a digital guide and sell it online

It is very popular to create guides and present them for free in turns to get the subscriptions.

But the honesty is that when you have a reputation, these digital guides can sell them, and in exchange for your knowledge you get good money.

Whether you have any experience with food recipes or digital marketing guides, sell it.
It is not as hard as we all imagine, there are already many e-books that sell for more than $50 on eBay.

#10.Make money as a translator

Another way to earn money from home is to translate texts and websites. If you are proficient in another foreign language, you just have to write to these sites that gives translation jobs to translators online.
This work can get done from anywhere, so it is very suitable for people who like to travel.

If you are master in any foreign languages, most likely Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, or any other language.

You can offer translation services online and earn money online free.

The translation service is developing at moderate prices because businesses and individuals demand to connect,
build relationships with companies from other countries, and when it must get done in another language, translators find a profitable niche.

The way to charge this service is depending on the number of words, and you can offer your services on freelancing platforms.
If you manage to establish a contract for certain monthly articles or texts, this will increase your income

#11.selling audiobooks online

If you think writing is not an easy task, but you have a storytelling narrative, you can create audiobooks and sell them on different digital platforms.

The Audiobooks have become more popular because of the ease of listening to them, The new platform available and its price is very reasonable
The most popular audiobook platform is Amazon’s Audible to earn money online free .

#12.Build an app and sell it online

Smartphones have turned from being a luxury to becoming a necessity for people, So applications have become an attractive way to make money online.

Although creating an application is a bit more complicated and requires any technical knowledge,
There are choices to start this digital business.

First, you can meet someone who has the technical knowledge and finds a market need Or as one of the founders of Instagram; you can educate yourself more and start learning online.

#13.earn money by managing social networks for small business

If your liking in social media networks or have done a specific course in digital marketing,
You are having a splendid opportunity to charge for handling the social networks of other people or businesses.
It represents an exceptional opportunity to earn on the internet. Because companies are quite busy in daily operations, But they understand the importance of the digital world. Among the programs that you can propose are selling the services like
The number of articles published,The number of followers gained,Handling online complaints and requests,
Or a fixed income for specific primary activities developed.
Social networks are valuable for large companies, small businesses, or a blogger.
Because they are helpful to extend their social reach and lure new customers or readers.
That’s why so many companies or bloggers must engaging social media experts. In regards to manage their social accounts to attract traffic to their sites.
So if you are able to handle social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
It could be an excellent opportunity to start online earning money from home.

 #14.earn money by Selling ​​affiliate products

If you desire to make income online, but you don’t have any product or service to sell online.In this case, affiliate marketing is the best example to earn money online.

Here what is required is to promote others people products through your strong content marketing means creating an attractive content to gain the attention of buyers and, for each sale generates by your’s efforts, you will receive a commission of the total price.

Usually, you must register with seller’s site as an affiliate, copy the link given, and promote this link through different media like setting up a blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Amazon or Clickbank,that offer excellent affiliate programs to earn money online.


These are the main ways to earn money online. Some can make us earn a destiny , others hardly permit us to earn a few pennies , but all are real and legitimate options.
To choose one, besides to taking into account your investment possibilities, we must also take into account your finance,it’s degree of difficulty and, above all, our personal tastes.
Also, before determinant on an alternate it suggests that we inform ourselves and analyse well about this and, if achievable , that we try. One of the main advantages of the Internet that is to allow us to try something.
Finally, whatever the methods we choose, we must know that earn money online is not something that accomplishment “while you sleep”. But something that requires a lot of work, effort and commitment .

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